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Doug Bowers
Just returned from Old Forge where yearly we take in The Watercolor show.ll Your picture was very impressive and we have followed you there for many years as an exhibitor or jurest. Always makes the picture I have so much more meaningful and personal. You have done wonderful things with your talent Danny, with no idea how many lives your work touches or the joy it brings. Doug

Bill Glass
I love your work. Your subject matter is akin to my own as an art photographer, though my still life subject matter is "found" rather than formally arranged. Americana also seems to be a common interest. Thank you. Let me say, it was a joy visiting your work. Bill Glass

David Burman
I enjoyed viewing your latest painting "American Antiques".

Amanda Ansel
Enjoyed my visit to your online gallery tonight. The paintings of the upstate countryside instantly draw me back to childhood memories of times spent there. My favorites are the portrait of the elderly farmer, the autumn scene with the red barn, and Scottish still life. I would never have guessed all the changes made to the autumn scene from the original. I hope this note finds you and your family well.

Vesa Savolainen
Stunning paintings! Thank you very much!

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