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Charles Monroe
You were the best art teacher I ever had and I still look for art here in Virginia. Awesome to still your art. Thanks for making me appreciate art in all ways!

Bill Smith
Hi Dan! I just found your website and thought I would write to say Hi. I hope you are doing well. I think of you more than you would imagine, as I have two of your music prints (violin and flute) hanging in my office and see them every day (I picked out the instruments and sheet music for you to use in the paintings, so these are my favorites!) I moved to Gettysburg 3.5 years ago and love it here. Stay well, my friend.

Emily Huang
Hi, I found this site after reading your book Watercolor: Realistic Painting. Enjoyed learning about your process and technique. The gallery is stunning. Tremendous works. Wishing you the best from Connecticut~

Hannah Buchi
Hello Uncle Dan! Was just telling some of my coworkers about your work and that lead me to my first visit to your website. You work is truly amazing! All of the Pill family homes are more beautiful because of it. :) Hi to Aunt Karen.

Kasey Coe (maiden name: Cumm)
Hello Mr. Tennant, I stubbled upon your web site while looking for art work for my home. You were my art teacher at B-G. Your work is fabulous!

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