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Karen (Peterson) Solsky
Hi Mr. Tennant - don’t know if you remember me from Bainbridge NY. Just wanted to tell you that I now have the amazing painting of 55 W Main St in my home in AZ. Would love to chat with you if you are so inclined. Karen

Carla West-Moser
As a former student of yours, I have enjoyed viewing your artwork from time to time. Always makes me miss home just a little bit and wonder what your choices would be in your paintings if you were to paint the pa pacific northwest. Your work is beautiful as always. Carla

Orrin Broberg
Hi Dan. It’s been awhile. My wife and are returning from Santa Fe and a week of gallery viewing. It made me think of you and what you are up to. I like your work. Hope all is well! Orb

Realistic painting, published 2010 is a well written,well illustrated book that this highly abstract, painter of unplanned, unsketched paintings finds interesting and informative. your image of August afternoon is so inspiring, I will have to try your technique if I can control a freewheeling paintbrush.Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Edward Slamin
Hello Mr. Tennant, I wanted to reach out and say how fortunate I feel to have your amazing artwork grace the walls of my living room. I have both Autumn Light and Last Light, and they accent my Home perfectly!! Thank you.

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